Saturday, February 27, 2010

A New Phase!

The last week has been fairly exhausting due to Charla's new phase. I don't know how much of a "phase" this is versus our new way of life. She now narrates everything that she or someone else is doing. The thing is, she doesn't have a strong ability to string more than 2 words together so her narration sounds like this:

"Shoes. Shoes. Mama shoes. On. On. On. Mama. Shoes." This would be an example of when I'm putting her shoes on! Once her shoes are on and we're getting in the car, "Car. Sit. Songs. Songs. On. Walmart?" We don't even go to Walmart that much but it seems to have made her list of favorite stores because every time we get in the car she's either asking to go to Papa's house or Walmart!

Another new not so pleasant part of this phase is the fact that she asks over and over again for something even when the answer is no. Right now she's on a TV kick. This is not something I want to encourage so I limit her screen time to around 1 hour per day. However, she has 2 favorite movies that she wants to watch ALL the TIME. If she asks and the answer is no, this has brought on quite a handful of tantrums in the last couple weeks. Part of me wonders if it's worth the battle. After all, it's winter in Wisconsin, not much else to do around here than watch TV. But I don't want the TV habit to become all consuming and hard to break when the weather gets nice.

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