Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boring Day

Today is one of those days that's cloudy and rainy. Staying inside with Charla can get very trying sometimes. A couple days per week she goes to playgroup. Those days aren't too bad because then she's occupied all morning. Today though we had nowhere to go. Overall it was a good morning, but I'm not looking forward to an entire winter of staying indoors!

Charla is a very outdoorsy type of girl. During the summer we spent all morning outside, came in for lunch and nap, went back outside when she woke up, came in for dinner and went back outside as a family for a walk. She spent hours outside every day. When it started getting cooler this was cut back to maybe 1 hour in the morning and a walk after dinner. However, now the sun is already down by the time dinner is over so if she gets to spend 1 hour total outside, it was a good day.

She loves to play in her sandbox, go for walks and get pushed in her swing. Even when we took her to parks this past summer her favorite things to do there was go in the sandbox and get pushed in the swing! Never mind that there's tons of play equipment at parks that she doesn't have at home, she chooses to do exactly the same things she does at home. I have a feeling next summer will be a bit different. The slides and climbing toys will hold more appeal for her.

For now though we have to get through the winter. The next month won't be bad, we've got the holidays in there. January, February and March however may be a bit rough!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1.5 Years Old!

Saturday was my baby's 18 month birthday, 1.5 years! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. When I look back at the first few days in the hospital with her, it's hard to imagine that this is the same little girl. When I held her to my chest for the very first time it was love at first sight. The love has grown day by day and now I can't imagine what my life would be without her.

Her personality started shining through at a very young age. She has always let me know exactly what she wanted. She was probably one of the loudest babies in the hospital! However, as soon as she received her "demand" she would settle down and stay content until she needed something else. She's not a demanding baby by any means. Sure she's had her phases but overall she was a very content and happy baby and is proving to be the same as a toddler.

Lately she's been enjoying playing with Legos. I will sit on the floor and hold her tower up while she makes it taller and taller. Once she can no longer reach the top she will knock it over and start fresh. She builds quite a few towers throughout the course of the day. Another favorite lately has been her farm and animals. She's had that for a few months now but it never seems to get old. Her favorite animals are the horse and the goat.

My husband and I are going to start trying for another baby this month. I've asked Charla if she wants a baby brother or sister and depending on her mood she will say either yes or no. Obviously she doesn't really understand what this means. I hope once her sibling has arrived though, they'll enjoy each other.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Round 2

So yesterday my husband got laid off.....again. He's already been off for 6 months this year. We just can't seem to get our head above the water. Currently we're treading water, but we have some mounting debt and some clinic bills that I would really like to get paid off.

We were planning on trying to get pregnant with our second child after the holidays. So far I think we're going to continue with this plan. There's no real reason why not too. Sure we're in a bit of a tight spot financially right now but I don't want this to be the deciding factor on whether or not we have another child. I definitely do NOT want our daughter to be an only child.

On a happier note, Charla is picking up so many new words and even adding some phrases! She says, "are you?" for "where are you" and "ha har" for "hat hair". She is too cute! She's also learned how to say the name of our dog "Dixie". She says that really clear.

Last week both Charla and I came down with something. Charla had a fever for about 3-4 days and I had a fever the first day with some general aches. I think Charla was having aches too because she kept grabbing her legs and whining. I have no idea what we had. We didn't go to the doctor since those were the only symptoms. At first I felt for sure we had come down with H1N1 but now I'm not so sure. I guess in the end it doesn't really matter. We are both better now!

I'm going to try to blog more regularly. Life gets so busy and I tend to forget. I am taking a break from the forum I usually visit though, so that should free up a good 2 hours of my day, UGH!