Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boring Day

Today is one of those days that's cloudy and rainy. Staying inside with Charla can get very trying sometimes. A couple days per week she goes to playgroup. Those days aren't too bad because then she's occupied all morning. Today though we had nowhere to go. Overall it was a good morning, but I'm not looking forward to an entire winter of staying indoors!

Charla is a very outdoorsy type of girl. During the summer we spent all morning outside, came in for lunch and nap, went back outside when she woke up, came in for dinner and went back outside as a family for a walk. She spent hours outside every day. When it started getting cooler this was cut back to maybe 1 hour in the morning and a walk after dinner. However, now the sun is already down by the time dinner is over so if she gets to spend 1 hour total outside, it was a good day.

She loves to play in her sandbox, go for walks and get pushed in her swing. Even when we took her to parks this past summer her favorite things to do there was go in the sandbox and get pushed in the swing! Never mind that there's tons of play equipment at parks that she doesn't have at home, she chooses to do exactly the same things she does at home. I have a feeling next summer will be a bit different. The slides and climbing toys will hold more appeal for her.

For now though we have to get through the winter. The next month won't be bad, we've got the holidays in there. January, February and March however may be a bit rough!

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