Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sick baby

Poor Charla had her first real illness. It started out as a cold but after a week she ended up with a cough and a fever. So off we went to the doctor.

She was not happy to be there and she made it well known! I think she was remembering all those well-baby check-ups that ended up in shots. As soon as the nurse took her temperature, she started screaming! After the nurse left I tried to calm her down but she refused. The poor girl kept reaching for the door and screaming "Go, go, go".

We got sent home with a prescription for amoxicillan and instructions to come back if she wasn't better in a week. She seems to be on the mend though. Today she was almost back to her normal self. Still a bit sensitive and whiny but definitely more full of energy and smiles! Thankfully she doesn't mind taking her "pink medicine"!

Having a sick toddler is so exhausting!

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