Monday, September 10, 2012

Job Offer

I got a job offer today and for just a minute I was really thinking hard about it. I currently work at the preschool where Charla goes. I like it there. The pay is decent and the cost of Charla's care is drastically reduced. The main problem is I don't have my own room, instead I float around from room to room and help out.

The job offer came from a preschool I used to work at. I liked working there and only left because I found a new job closer to home and with cheaper child care rates. I would seriously take this job offer if it wasn't for Charla. I can't see pulling her out of a school she's been at for the past 2 years, 1 year before she starts kindergarten.

The preschool I currently work at is within what will be Charla's school district, so she will be bused there for after-school care. The job offer comes from a preschool 20 minutes from home, so I would have to figure out something to do with Charla from 3:30 until I get off work.

I know I have to do what is best for the family, but a large part of me does wish I could leave the place I'm currently at and go back to the previous preschool.

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