Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How play has changed

When Charla was younger things like shaking rattles over her face or playing peek a boo were a big hit. These things were fun and exciting for her but for me this was rather boring. Yes, it was fun to watch my child enjoy herself and learn but after a few months I was ready for a change!

Charla didn't start crawling until she was 11 months old. So, her play was limited to what was immediately within her reach. Her toys became a little more amusing to me in the fact that they did more things. Sometimes she would figure out what a toy did before me! Play was still very basic for her though.

Last summer she learned to walk and crawl all within about 2.5 months, so life's pace picked up quickly! In the warm weather, play turned into going for walks, swinging on swings and digging in the sand box. Summer was a very enjoyable time for both of us.

In fall, as winter was looming ahead of us, I wondered what we do for these long 4 months of snow and cold. I shouldn't have worried. As she is approaching 2 years, her play is both imaginative and fun for both of us! In her kitchen she will make me food and bring me a cup of "water". Her animals in the farm run, eat, sleep and drink water. Her dollhouse's doorbell is constantly ringing, the baby loves "swinging" and the doll's sit at the table to eat. The thoughts and words that come out of her mouth surprise me sometimes.

I'm excited both for what she's doing now and for what she will do in the future. I can't wait to see her first drawing of her family, to play her first board game with her and to find out if she's going to be a gymnast or a ballerina (or maybe a soccer player)!

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