Sunday, January 3, 2010

I visited the Black Hole and all I got was...

My bedroom is and always has been, the messiest area of my life. When I lived at home my mom was constantly on my case to clean my room. After moving out and getting married, nothing changed except the fact that I didn't have someone breathing down my neck to clean up my "crap". Over the last 2 years more things piled up since most of my free time was taken up with an infant.

Today however, I entered the Black Hole and did a bit of organizing. My sister-in-law was kind enough to come over and assist in some of the sorting. We were in there for about 2 hours! Mostly I just needed to dig through piles of clothes. I had a lot of pre-baby clothes that I was holding onto in hopes of fitting back into them. However, I've come to the realization that they will never fit quite the way they used to so off to Good Will they go!

I still have a bit of organizing to do in there. I have some pictures that need to be put in an album and some nic naks that need to be either given away or put somewhere, but a big dent was made today. I hope to be able to stay on top of my bedroom from now on but, with my track record, I'm not holding out too much hope!

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