Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love sleep!

Today was a relatively boring day. I took Charla to playgroup this morning. She enjoys going even though she doesn't play with any of the kids yet. Her favorite part seems to be snack time because she can have juice. Playgroup is the only time she gets juice, so it's a fun treat for her.

She got in a little spat with another toddler today. They both wanted an ice cube tray in the kitchen area. Charla's a pretty sensitive kid and when she meets with resistance she immediately turns to me. Her pouty face is so cute. Her lower lip gets about 4 inches long, she lowers her head but raises her eyes to look at me. She also uses this face when she wants what I'm eating! It's the classic puppy dog look.

So far, Charla has proven to be an easy going kid. So simply telling her she can have a turn with a toy next or that another child is playing with it, works pretty well. The only things she would probably fight to the death for are her blankies. I like to tease her by stealing them, laying on the floor and telling her I'm going to sleep. She'll start whining and saying "keys" which is Charla for "blankies". She surprised me one day though and let me keep one as a pillow!

Anyway, by noon I was ready for a nap. Charla's nap time is 1pm, so I got through lunch and put her down then crawled into bed myself. I slept for 1.5 hours! I haven't napped like that in ages. Maybe today was just a one off but I'm hoping it's a good sign and that I got pregnant this month!

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