Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My kitties!

We have 3 cats and each one has it's own personality. Jake is our youngest. He is all black with just a bit of white on his chest. He is your typical "scaredy-cat". If we have company, he's hiding either under the bed or in the closet. He is terrified of my husband for some reason but will allow me the luxury of petting him a few times per month!

Sophie is our middle "fur-child". She is a teeny little thing, weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds! We got her on a total whim. We were driving past a farm and noticed they had a sign for free kittens. So we stopped to see the kitties and ended up taking her home. She is a total sweetheart and is the only one of our 3 cats who will allow Charla to come within a foot of her. Here's Sophie curled up with 1mos old Charla!

Then there's Caleb. His nickname is "Fur Man". We rescued Caleb from the Humane Society when he was only a couple months old, he will be turning 8 next month! From the very beginning he was my cat or rather I am his human! He and I have had a strong bond from the very beginning. When I was pregnant with Charla he would be by my side whenever I was home. People would always ask me if my dog was more protective of me now that I was pregnant and I would always say, "No, but my cat is"!

The night I went into labor I stayed at my parents house because it was closer to the hospital. I remember trying to convince my husband and parents that I could go home when really all I wanted was to be near my cat on that night. It was a good thing I stayed though because my water broke at 1am! When I came home with Charla he acted a bit like a jealous sibling would. I thought I may have to give him away because he actually nipped Charla a few times. Now though they seem to have a distant but respectful relationship and Caleb uses nap time and bedtime as cuddle opportunities with his "mama"!

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