Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still loving sleep!

I have still been more tired than usual the last few days. Whenever Charla takes a nap, I take a nap! I've also been feeling some cramping/pulling type feelings. I am cautiously optimistic about this. I can't really remember too much about how I was feeling when I found out I was pregnant with Charla.

I remember the weekend before finding out, my husband and I went up north. My stomach was feeling a bit funny, but nothing that I really thought much about. If anything, I figured Aunt Flo was on her way. A day or 2 before we had went up north I had taken a pregnancy test but it had come back negative, so I figured it was just a matter of time.

A few days after returning home I was still having cramping but Aunt Flo was refusing to show up. That's when I took another test and it came back positive. I remember feeling pretty good for the first few weeks after finding out. My mom kept asking me if I was feeling sick yet but I was still in that "honeymoon" phase of being pregnant. The other shoe dropped when I was 8 weeks pregnant. That is when the nausea (all day) started and I was absolutely wiped out every day after work. By the time I hit 4 months though, I was back to feeling pretty good!

We are planning a trip to an indoor waterpark the 3rd weekend in February. If I am preggo, this should be right around the time I start feeling sick, oh well!

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